New York State continues the battle against inflation by removing taxes on certain items.

Earlier this year, New York State waived the taxes on gasoline to help ease the cost of a gallon of gas, and it has saved New Yorkers about 16 cents per gallon since the Gas Tax Holiday went into effect across the state.

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Now New York Governor Kathy Hochul is hoping that removing the taxes on diapers will help families all across the state save some money.

Yesterday the Governor announced that she has signed a law that will remove all local taxes on diapers in the state.

The "Diaper Act" will remove state taxes on all types of diapers including disposable, reusable, and washable options. The tax relief will affect both baby and adult diapers.

According to the Central New York diaper bank's website, an average family spends around $100 per month per child on diapers.

This removal of the diaper tax should also help families with child care since local childcare centers that supply diapers to children while under their care won't have to increase the rate of care to cover the rising cost of diapers.

The change in the diaper tax will last indefinitely in New York State.

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