New York State is working on banning all gas-powered lawn equipment by 2027 and the process has already started across the Empire State.

New York State Senate bill S7462A calls for the end of in-state sales of gas-powered lawn equipment by the year 2027.

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The process of the bill becoming law has begun as the Senator who introduced the bill called for the process to develop a strategy to make the bill work be concluded by January, 31st 2023.

That means that lawmakers, state and local agencies, and other groups will now have 60 or so days to come together to ensure the strategy is worked out for the state to move forward with the proposed bill.

According to the proposed bill,  the public service commission and other state and local agencies will need to work on making sure zero-emission lawn equipment will be affordable and available to everyone across the state as they phase out the gas-powered equipment.

Senator Pete Harckham introduced the bill in 2021 with the hopes of improving the amount of negative impact that gas-powered lawn equipment takes on the environment.

If the Senator meets all his goals by January 31st, the bill would be sent to the New York State House of Representatives and the New York State Senate for lawmakers to debate and vote on. If passed, it would be sent to Governor Hochul to sign into law in 2023.

This is not the only step New York state is taking to help lower emissions over the next several years. New York has already passed a law that would ban the sale of gas-powered cars after 2035.

You still have time to voice your opinion on the proposed bill. You can let Senator Harckham know your feeling by clicking HERE.

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