It looks like March might go out like a lion and take the first part of April with it.

Looking ahead to next weekend and the first couple of days of April, it looks like another potential massive snowstorm could make its way across New York.

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We just saw a major snowstorm come through the area in the middle of March where several spots across the state got tons of snow.

Now it looks like we could get a repeat performance coming up the first weekend of April.

Once again it looks like Central and Eastern New York will get the most snow with some places getting around 18 inches of snow. If this model is right the majority of the heavy snowfall would be along the New York and Pennsylvania border. Possible lake effect snow could dump 5 to 10 inches of snow on towns along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

Again, a lot can happen over the next seven days but it looks like a real possibility that snow will be in the forecast for the beginning of April across New York State. Much of the state has been right around or below its yearly average for snowfall so far this season. The one exception would be Buffalo and Western New York which got over 133 inches of snow this season, much of that from two major snow events in November and December.


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