It is hard to believe that today is the final day of January and the first month of 2024 is in the books.

There have been a lot of changes this month in New York, and in case you missed it, here are some new laws that went into effect.

All these bills were signed into law by Gov. Kathy Hochul in 2023.

Bill A150 - This Bill raises the minimum age from 10 to 14 to operate an ATV.

Bill A3694A  - Colleges will be required to post campus crime statistics on their websites and to investigate hate crimes. The institutions will also be responsible for informing students about how they plan to prevent hate crimes.

Bill A05821 - Under the new law, lifeguards at pools, beaches, and children’s camps can be 15 years old if they are directly supervised.

Bill S5913A - Requires menstrual products to be offered for free in non-public schools

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Finally, as part of the New York State budget, the New York State minimum wage will increase again in 2024. The minimum wage will increase to 16.00 per hour for New York City, Long Island County, and Westchester County and increase to $15.00 per hour for the remainder of the state starting on January 1st.

You can see all the other bills and laws that are set to go into effect starting in less than a month here in New York State by clicking HERE.

While 682 bills were passed and signed into law, the Governor did veto 46 bills this year and there are currently 63 bills still waiting to be signed by the Governor.

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