Mattel has created a new Ken doll to keep Barbie company, but will Barbie still want him?  I mean, Barbie can get anyone she wants, yet she always goes to Ken.


The new (and I hesitate to say improved) Ken comes complete with a man bun.  As a man I am fully entitled to make fun of the man bun.  How this style came into existence is beyond me, but to punish Ken for eternity with it is just cruel.


The term man bun is an oxymoron anyway.  No 'man' wears a bun like that.  If you disagree with me let me know, so I can prove you wrong.  It is a ridiculous look and now Barbie has to put up with it.  The world just isn't right.

ken doll

They are also developing a dad-bod Ken.  Now this I can get behind!  Ken can't spend all of his time in the dream house gym.  He has to be out experiencing the world, and that's how you grow the perfect dad-bod.  Mattel - less man bun and more dad-bod! Barbie will finally be happy!


They are also talking about giving Ken some facial hair.  That works, but we will see how they do it.  Will it just be drawn on or will there be actual hair.  That could look a little strange but honestly, no worse than the man bun!


I say good luck Ken, and hopefully you will grow out of this rebellious man bun phase sooner rather than later so that Barbie can have her all-time crush back.


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