The *new* Apple I Phone X comes out today. With a price tag of $1,000.00 people might reconsider buying it.



The new Apple I Phone comes out today. This is Apple's first phone with a price tag of $1,000.00. Personally, I think this is a little steep for a phone. What is cool about this? Usually, the older phones go on sale and their prices usually drop on their old phones. So, if you were thinking about purchasing their later model, this would be the time to do it.

The question is, are you going to buy the new phone? That $1000.00 price tag is just not appealing to me. They do claim that it is the most durable glass ever created. This is great for people who always drop their phone (like me)

What's really cool? Your face is your password. With face recognition, no one can go through your phone or buy things with your Apple I Pay. This could certainly be a safety feature.

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