The rumor mill was abuzz after a picture started floating around that looks like Nelly is proposing to his girlfriend Shantel Jackson. Well, you can put your Lipton Brisk back in the refrigerator because the St. Louis rapper has come out to shut down the assumptions.

In the picture in question, below, it appears as if Nelly is giving Jackson something -- something that has her very delighted by the look on her face. We can't tell what she is looking at because the rapper's body is obstructing the view. The picture also has a heart around it. So people put the clues together and assumed the Nellyville MC was proposing. Not so fast, friends.

After apparently being bombarded with congratulations, Nelly took to Instagram to set the record straight. "Not yet y'all give us alil mo time..... P.S........But we working on it..!!!!," he commented on a picture of himself and his girl.

So it looks like people will have to wait a while longer before Nelly and Jackson are headed down the aisle.

Right now, the St. Lunatic is dealing with a money issue after he was hit with a $2.4 million tax lien last month. The diamond-selling artist is reportedly trying to right situation with the IRS who has resorted in taking the rapper's tour money to cover the debt.

Fans are doing their part. They have been streaming his music at an abnormal rate in order to try to help raise money for the rapper. “Hot in Herre” streams have soared since the original report about Nelly’s tax situation. On Sept. 11, 52,000 streams; Sept. 12, 84,000 streams; Sept. 13, 269,000 streams. Meanwhile, streams of Nelly’s entire catalogue are also increasing: his discography had a 96 percent increase on Sept. 13 compared to the previous day.

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