Lately, the world can feel like a bit of a tough place, so where words fail, why not rip a page from Adele's, Demi Lovato's or Jennifer Lawrence's book and let that middle finger fly.

For as long as red carpet, shutterbugs and screams of adoring fans have been institutions of Hollywood, so, too, has been the tradition of stars occasionally getting sick of the whole song and dance and flipping photographers the ol' bird. Avril Lavigne has done it. Kirsten Stewart has done it. And Madonna has done it so routinely that her middle finger has begun to earn frequent flyer miles. Some call it vulgar, but Pink and Lindsay Lohan call it catharsis.

Just a few days ago, Ariana Grande's groom-to-be Pete Davidson joined the middle finger club when he extended his preferred appendage (no, not that one...) up and toward the camera. It's a sure thing, though, that he won't be the last — check out literally 34 celebs just giving photogs the middle finger below if you need to work out a little bit of aggression.

Literally Just 34 Celebs Giving Photogs the Middle Finger

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