Today is National Wine Day, and in celebration of the day I am going to tell you about the time I drank a box of wine in college.  This was a horrible idea as you can imagine.


It was my sophomore year of college, and my roommate and I were getting ready for our Fraternity Formal event.  Our dates came to our room and we began getting loosened up for the evening.  I went to Fredonia so you know we had no trouble loosening up!


I don't remember who was responsible for this, but we had a box of Franzia wine.  I could be guilty of getting it but for the purposes of this story, let's say my roommate did. He isn't here to defend himself so it's all good!  


Anyway, we drank the whole box of wine.  At one point we did 'Keg stands' with it.  It was a glorious tailgate.  We also drank some Citron and Kool-aid, so the combination of the 2 drinks took there toll.


Long story short we were plastered, went to the event and proceeded to throw up for half the night.  It was bad.  Needless to say our dates were not happy with us.  I also recall getting reprimanded for showing up in the condition we did.  That's about all I recall!


Point of the story is this, celebrate National Wine Day, but don't do it by drinking an entire box of Franzia wine.  It will not end well, but you will get a good memory out of it!

Sick Child
Getty Images/Thomas M Perkins

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