A student at SUNY Fredonia is being applauded for bringing attention to a bus driver who was texting while driving a bus that had three students on it.

Students these days are paying attention to what is being taught to them about the dangers of distracted driving. There is no excuse to drive while being distracted by things like cell phones.

Today, a student is being applauded for sharing a video of a bus driver that was clearly texting while driving a bus for the university.

According to WIVB, the student's name was Natalie Harden.  She captured the video of the bus driver and shared it with the Student Association.

The driver is not a university employee, however, her bus company is contracted by the university to take students to and from campus to stores and shopping plazas in the area.

They say it was dealt with that day.

The official statement from the Fredonia spokesperson said this:

"The Student Association contracts with a third-party vendor to provide student transportation from the Fredonia campus to and from local stores. Upon hearing the student’s concerns and seeing the video, a Student Association representative immediately filed a written complaint with the bus company. Fredonia asked the company to investigate and take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of Fredonia students.

The bus company subsequently informed the college they had taken immediate actions to address the problem.  The Student Association representative also followed up with the student who took the video to inform her the matter was addressed."


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