Today is National Love Your Pet Day and one of the ways people love their pets is to show them off on social media.

National Love Your Pet Day is celebrated every February 20th and it is a day for people to embrace and show off their love of that special fur baby or baby. Around 60% of Americans are current pet owners.

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Besides giving us lots of love, according to the National Love Your Pet Day website, people learn a lot from their pets and are very grateful that they have their pets in their lives.  Here are some things reasons people are grateful for their pets.

#1 My pet gives me unconditional love (22%)

#2 My pet helps comfort me when I'm sad (17%)

#3 My pet makes me look forward to going home (13%)

#4 My pet helps me become a more loving person (10%)

#5 My pet teaches me to be more patient (10%)

Also, most people have a special bond with their pets. 12% of people let their pets sleep in the bed with them. 10% of people talk to their pets in a funny/sweet voice. 10% of people surveyed said that their pet is their best friend, and 4% of people said they post way too many photos of their pet online.

The most popular pet in America is the dog. Around 40% of pet owners are dog owners. Cats are the second most popular pet with around 25% of pet owners. Fish were the 3rd most common pet, followed by birds and then hamsters.

22% of people treat their pet like a member of the family and cats are more popular pets for women than men.

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