Did you know that in New York State it is actually 100% legal to be topless. (Not so much bottomless)/

The naked bike run is happening in Buffalo this weekend again on Saturday!!

For the past couple of years, everyone shows up with almost no clothes on and rides their bikes together downtown. It sounds ridiculous, but it's actually hilarious.

This is the 4th ever Naked Bike Ride.

The Buffalo World Naked Bike Ride is a happening of people-powered transportation bringing awareness to oil addiction and the negative impacts of car culture. The point of this is that the organizers want the naked bodies will symbolize the vulnerability of cyclists on the roads. Come "as bare as you dare" to the Buffalo Underwear/Naked Bike Ride and help us promote our vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world.

They want to promote:

  • Celebrating freedom from oil and the beauty of people
  • Less gas more ass
  • Fat not oil – Nude not crude
  • Riding Bare for Clean Air

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