Buffalo is the landing place for many masterpieces from Andy Warhol, to Frank Lloyd Wright.

Mark Twain
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And, lying in the depths of Buffalo & Erie County Library is finally the Handwritten work of Mark Twain's "Huck Finn."  If you want a peek, click here

Channel 2 has the story,

"The fact that we have been able to have in our collection This magnificent work really puts us on the map," said Library Director Mary Jean Jakubowski.

But, the handwritten work often got misplaced.

Rare Books Curator Amy Packard said that the manuscript has made more than one trip back to Buffalo. "As the label tells us it was first received in 1887, although we didn't know it, and then it was received again in 1992 "

Imagine finding Twain's work in your attic.

"It wasn't until a generation later that the granddaughters discovered it in the Attic of their house,"

Library officials only heard about its rediscovery when the book went up for auction.

 That led to a few years of litigation to get the missing pages reunited with their other half. Now, the entire work, as Mark Twain intended it is not only in one place

Rare Book Clerk Nicole Kondziela Gerace said

seeing it in its raw form provides a lot of insight. It's just really kind of quirky and is fun to read and see kind of what his thought process was in making the story.



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