So I'm taking my kids on a secret Disney World vacation (they don't know yet, but we're leaving tomorrow morning!). I've been planning and planning and planning for well over a year, and dealing with a host of worries (Hurricane Irma, cancelled flights, did I make the Fast Passes correctly?). So Tony was kind enough to give me a Vacation Survival Kit!


Inside, you can see lots of alcohol. Clearly, alcohol is key here. Also, there's some coloring books and stickers for the kids, tissues, and an issue of Cosmo and the National Examiner for me.

And, two sets of two different wallet sized photos of Tony.

"This is so you don't forget that I'm funny, and this one [gestures to the other pic] is so you don't forget how devilishly handsome I am."

OK. I asked him what the other set of pictures was for.

"Your mom."


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