If you don't like swear words, you may want to stop reading right now.


I, on the other hand, love swearing. Probably because by FCC regulations, I'm forbidden to utter a swear word for certain portions of my day. You know how the forbidden fruit tastes much sweeter, right?


I realized the other day that I have amassed a large collection of swear-y accessories, and have gifted some awesome sweariness as well. I wanted to share my finds with you...here's some of my favorites:


1. Zerof**** Sweatshirt: Actually given to me as a birthday gift from Tony P., this sweatshirt is my literal favorite go-to sweatshirt to wear when my children aren't around.


2. F*** This S*** socks: Blue Q makes some amazing socks for the foul-mouthed person in your life. This pair was my first, followed by my #3 item...


3. Ringmaster of the S***show socks: Hey, someone's gotta be in charge, am I right?


4. Does Running Out Of F**** Count As Cardio? workout tank: I swear plenty (at my trainers, behind their backs) when I'm at the gym. When I'm too out of breath to talk, my workout gear does the talking for me.


5. This Year Will Be F****** Amazing keytag: I got this for my bestie Amy for her birthday (which happens to be in January, perfect). Sometimes we all need a little encouragement, and many times, it's when you're grabbing your keys to head out the door into the rough real world.


6. Do No Harm But Take No S*** cuff bracelet: Got this for Laura Daniels for Christmas this year. She's a fellow swearing aficionado.


7. Gage Huntley's Bad Words Collection: I haven't made a purchase from this store yet, BECAUSE I CANNOT DECIDE WHAT TO GET, I WANT IT F****** ALL.

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