The Buffalo Bills have been the dominant team in the AFC for the past several years, but there is one stat where they fall way behind the three other AFC East teams.

When you look at all four teams in the AFC East, the New England Patriots, The New York Jets, the Miami Dolphins, and the Buffalo Bills, there is one thing that really stands out.

Buffalo is the only small market team which means they don't have major cities to pull fans from and that is part of the reason they are lagging behind all the other AFC East teams in this stat.

Recently Forbes Magazine put out a list of the most profitable pro sports teams in the world and New England, Miami, and the New York Jets were all in the Top 25.

The Buffalo Bills didn't even make the list!

The Forbes list based the profitability of each team based on which team generated the most operating income since 2020.

The New England Patriots were #2 on the list
The Miami Dolphins were #20 on the list
The New York Jets were #21 on the list

The Buffalo Bills failed to make the Top 25.

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As for the other NFL teams on the list, The Los Angles Rams, The New York Giants, Washington Commanders, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos, Pittsburg Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Houston Texans, the only "small market" team would be the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Now that the Bills have broken ground on their new stadium, maybe they will be able to generate more income and move up this list.

Personally, I will let those other teams make more money as long as we get more wins on the field.


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