When watching the daily briefings from the Governor or County Officials we often focus on how many people are infected.  But what about those who have recovered from the virus, many of whom haven't been hospitalized.

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At least 53 people in Erie County have recovered from the virus.

But since there is no current treatment or vaccine for the virus, what does it mean for someone to recover?

Dr. Thomas Russo says it typically takes about two weeks for symptoms to run its course.

Russo also says of those who have recovered, many of them may have been in the hospital.

But he says someone having recovered from the virus is determined mostly by symptoms and not a test.

There is not currently a definitive test that indicates you have had the virus and recovered...

...that specific test is being developed around the world and its accuracy is currently being assessed, according to Dr. Russo.

So while we all need to practice safety, handwashing and social distancing we also should realize that there are many positive outcomes to this virus too.


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