The housing market is still pretty hot but sometimes you look at a listing and just have to shake your head.

I saw this listing on Zillow and while the price isn't bad for the area at $295,000, it is what comes inside the home that really makes this place way overpriced in my opinion.

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I know that you are asking right now, what comes inside the home that would make it overpriced? The answer is a simple one word answer....NOTHING!

Yes..check out this listing for a home in Kenmore, New York where the house has been pretty much gutted but they are still asking for almost $300k for this home.

This home has no drywall, flooring, cabinets, or other things that most homes priced at this level would come with.

According to the listing, much of the inside was damaged when a water pipe busted during the December 2022 blizzard. With that being said, the house looks like it has a good foundation and good framing, but for almost $300,000 dollars, I would expect floors and walls too!

Looking at some of the comps from this home on Zillow, homes that have floors, walls, cabinets, etc... this home is way overpriced. Most homes in the area go from anywhere from $250k to over $300k which is not bad for a home that you can move into.

Now I am not super handy, but I think finishing this home would cost at least $25-50k if not more, making the overall cost of this home almost $350,000 dollars. That seems to make this home one of the higher priced homes in the area.

Check out some photos and see for yourself if this home is worth $295,000 dollars.

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The housing market is still pretty hot but sometimes you look at a listing and just have to shake your head. 

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