As you get ready to head out to work, school, or play you may want to look for an alternative way to get to your destination.

Today, "Thursday" turns out to be the most dangerous day to drive in New York State.

According to data pulled by the car insurance company Assurance, Thursday is the most dangerous day for drivers in New York State.

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Based on the data, Thursdays in New York account for the highest percentage of fatal crashes. Also driving between 5 pm and 6 pm is the most dangerous in New York. That hour has the highest percentage of fatal crashes in the state.

September is also the most dangerous month with the highest percentage of fatal accidents on roads in New York happening then.

You might want to plan ahead and call off work on Thursdays in September or either leave work early or late to avoid the 5 to 6 pm rush hour.

There is some good news. New York ranked 3rd best for fatal accidents in 2020. In New York, there were .79 fatal accidents per 10,000 drivers. The other places to do better were Massachusetts and the District Of Columbia.

On the flip side, Mississippi had the highest number of fatal accidents per 10,000 drivers with 3.41.

If you really want to feel safe on the roads in New York, you should stick to driving in February. According to all the data, that was the safest month to be on the roads in New York State.

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