It's Tuesday... You're at work... Your inbox is flooded with e mails... It's annoying! What's more annoying? These phrases!



Here are the most annoying phrases of all time...

1.  "Not sure if you saw my last email."


2.  "Per my last email."


3.  "Per our conversation."


4.  "Any update on this?"


5.  "Sorry for the double email."


6.  "Please advise."


7.  "As previously stated."


8.  "As discussed."

9.  "Re-attaching for convenience."

I am guilty of number 4... "Any update on this?"

and I am also guilty of number 6... "Please advise."

What are you guilty of? I am sure we all have done this at one time or another. It just happens!

What phrases get you mad? What phrases annoy you? If you're like me, I hate checking e mails in general. These just add to my frustration...

I would say, I hate when people do not apply the proper "your, you're" or "there, their, they're." That really annoys me. I think that annoys me more than the phrases listed in this article.


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