The next time you are tempted to grab that smartphone from your husband or child, think about this...almost 8 out of 10 Americans own a smartphone and mobile gaming is actually MORE popular with women than with men.

Accounting for nearly half of the $50 billion global gaming industry, a recent study by influencer marketing agency Mediakix has revealed that mobile gaming is more popular among women than men.

New studies reveal 6 out of 10 mobile gamers are women and 60 percent play a mobile game every day, compared to 47 percent of males.

According to the study, women are also more willing than men to pay for mobile games.

And what is the most popular game with the ladies?

Bejeweled is the only game scientifically proven to reduce stress--by an average of 54% across all test subjects, according to a 2008 study conducted by Eastern Carolina University's Department of Recreation and Leisure

(Game Analytics)

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