A Mom just hit the lottery for almost $80,000...but you'll really be surprised at HOW she did it.

This Mom, Antoinette regularly plays the lottery and uses some combination of her children's birthdays.  Her son just turned 20, but she forgot and used 19 as one of her numbers...then matching all 5 numbers in the drawing...her reward for forgetting her son's age $78,000.  Antoinette told mlive.com...

“I play the same set of numbers every day, which are a combination of my kids birth dates and ages. One of them just had a birthday and I forgot to switch the number ‘19’ to ’20,’ but it ended up paying off,” Ousley said.

Have you ever won anything memorable...I remember buying a ticket at a stag once, the prizes were great...I won a solar powered calculator, oh well, at least it still works.


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