ABC's "Good Morning America", tells the story of Brianna Lockwood, a 29-year-old dental hygienist, who with her husband Aaron began trying for a baby almost immediately following their 2016 wedding.

They tried without success for nearly a year, before Lockwood began seeing a fertility specialist.

Nearly two years later, after multiple rounds of in vitro fertilization, surgeries and miscarriages,  Lockwood's fertility doctor told her that she would need to start considering surrogacy because of her inability to withstand a pregnancy.

"Struggling with infertility was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through," Lockwood told "GMA" earlier this year. "When you have a plan for your life and then something like infertility gets in the way, I felt like I couldn't see what I pictured anymore, that it could be taken away from me."

Lockwood's doctor, suggested a family member or friend to act as her gestational carrier since using an agency can cost more than $100,000.

Lockwood never her 51-year-old mom as a surrogate, even though Mom was on board from the start and was the one who suggested the idea.

"I've run 19 marathons and done many triathlons," Loving, who also has a 27-year-old son, told "GMA" earlier this year. "I felt like health-wise I could do it and I had really easy pregnancies with my two"...

Because of Lockwood's past pregnancy disappointments, the family remained cautious that Loving would be successful as the gestational carrier.

"We couldn't jump for joy yet because we'd had so many losses and so much trauma," she said, adding that it was only about halfway through the pregnancy that they allowed themselves to really start planning for the baby.

Lockwood's Mom took a leave of absence from her job in order to try to stay as healthy as possible with the increased risk from the pandemic.

Lockwood,  was by her mom's side at every step of the pregnancy and delivery.

Lockwood said she is already planning daily visits for Briar Juliette Lockwood to visit her grandmother, with whom Lockwood predicts she'll always have a special bond.


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