Here's another reason to brag about Buffalo, our city makes millions of jigsaw puzzles each year.

World Autism Awareness day, mental health care concept with puzzle jigsaw pattern on heart shape kid's hands (isolated with clipping path) for supporting autistic child
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Who knew?  Well channel 2 put this story together.  :-)

Buffalo Games has been producing puzzles since 1986. In fact, the company has stamped out over 75 million puzzles since its manufacturing facility opened.

That's almost half of the market share,

"So we have about a 45 percent market share," said Nagendra Raina, Buffalo Games CEO. "So 45 of every hundred puzzles that are produced and are sold in North America, they are produced in our facility in Buffalo, New York."

And more numbers,

"Over the last five years, the category has gained about 25 percent of market share," Raina said. "Of that 25 percent growth, about 80 percent of those dollars have come on the shoulders of Buffalo games."

Just another piece of the puzzle on why Buffalo is so cool!

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