It was a very lucky weekend for Mega Millions and Powerball lottery players here in New York.

The New York State Lottery announced that two $1 million dollar winning Mega Millions lottery tickets were sold in the state from Friday Night's drawing.

Each one of those tickets matched all five numbers but missed out on the Mega Ball.

The first winning ticket was sold at Verbank Delicatessens located at 3122 Route 82 on Verbank, New York.

The second winning ticket was sold at a Mukti gas station located at 119 Bruckner Blvd in Bronx, New York.

They weren't the only "Big Money" winners from Friday Night's Mega Millions drawing. Two other tickets sold won the 3rd place prize of $10,000.

Each of those tickets matched 4 out 5 numbers and also had the Mega Ball.

Friday's Mega Millions numbers were 14-31-34-50-61 with a Mega Ball of 13.

The Powerball was also lucky for one lottery player in New York. A Million dollar winning ticket was sold from Saturday's Powerball drawing in New York.

That ticket was sold at at Pramukh gas station located on 71st Ave in Queens, New York.

That ticket matched all five numbers but missed out on the Powerball number.

The winning Powerball numbers from Saturday were 7-38-65-66-68 with a Powerball number of 21.
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No one claimed the grand prize in either lottery game.
Tonight's Powerball jackpot is now up to $174 million dollars, while Tuesday's Mega Millions jackpot is up to $311 million dollars.
Now might be the right time to get yourself a lottery ticket while the luck is here in the "Empire State"

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