The Beach Club at Mickey Rats has been a favorite summertime spot among Western New Yorkers since 1978 when it first opened. It’s a night club turned beach bar restaurant with live music, drinks, and food at a lakefront location, but after Sept. 11, it may not be the place that you always remembered.


The Beach Club at Mickey Rats will have t-shirts for sale and a fun little celebration the night of Sept. 11th as it is the last night that one of WNY’s favorite summertime spots will be open as is. Demolition of the existing building will begin soon after, but Mickey Rats is far from over; Ellicott Development will be working on their project of constructing a new restaurant in its place with hopes of a rooftop patio. 

Ideally, Ellicott Development plans to modernize the current facility that has been around for more than 40 years and add more outdoor seating, all while keeping a similar aesthetic to the traditional Mickey Rats you grew up with.


During the development of the new restaurant, there will still be public access to the beach. 

There will be a final farewell party in the old building on Sept. 11, and you and your friends are encouraged to stop by -- before history is rebuilt. You can follow @MickeyRatsBeach on Twitter for updates.


Kadie Daye
Kadie Daye

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