The Buffalo Bills had a brutal loss this week when we found out one of their starters has been placed on the injured reserve list. 

A recent neck injury will prevent Micah Hyde from returning to the active roster this season, according to his agent Jack Bechta.

As one of the best safeties in the NFL, it’s a huge loss to lose Hyde in week 3. 

In true “City of Good Neighbors” fashion, Bills Mafia wanted to do something to honor Micah Hyde and pay tribute to him, even though he is out for the season. 

Hyde’s charity of choice is Imagine For Youth, with a mission to empower our youth and help them achieve a healthy, active, and educated life.

Micah Hyde’s jersey number is 23, so plenty of $23 donations started pouring in over the weekend for Imagine For Youth.

Del Reid, co-founder of the Bills Mafia, shared the initiative on Twitter, and it really took off. 

Imagine For Youth was posting updates on the donations, and they said that the site was getting slow from the amount of website traffic they were seeing. 

Since then, the donations have amounted close to $60,000. 

If you want to honor Micah Hyde and his role on the Buffalo Bills, you can make a donation to Imagine For Youth when you click here.

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