The Buffalo Bills are heading down to Miami for one of the biggest games of the year and one Miami fan is making a crazy request.

Plenty of members of Bills Mafia have already started to invade South Florida and the Bills Backers bars are getting full to the brim.


The influx of Bills Mafia has led to one Miami Dolphins fan to call for action and begged other fans to come out to the game on Sunday so there are more Bills Mafia in the stadium than Miami fans.

Of course, we all know that Bills Mafia travels really well and most away games sometimes sound like home games. Just like in LA against the Chargers, the crowd sounded way more pro-Buffalo than Charger fans.

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As for the game, it could be a must-win for the Bills. If they win, they will win the AFC East championship and take home the #2 seed in the AFC playoffs. If they lose, there is a chance that they will miss the playoffs completely. If Jacksonville and Pittsburg win and the Bills lose, Buffalo would be out of the playoff picture.

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