Ok. Ok. No one likes to get older, things start to hurt more, wrinkles become more prevalent. But, you deserve to have  fun on your birthday. How do you celebrate? Here are my top 5 places to let loose with your family and friends.



I absolutely love karaoke and had my Birthday at Casa Di Francesca's in South Buffalo back in November. I had one of the best karaoke DJ's in the area, Adam C. Martin who was MY karaoke DJ. Karaoke is so much fun and he makes any party a celebration even if it did become the "Melody & Amber" show. LOL. My number one place is ANY place that has karaoke.

1. Karaoke- ANYWHERE because...Karaoke!

2. Wineries- How cool is it to be picked up in a limo and "cruise on" the many amazing wineries in the area? Especially, if it includes your besties. (Yes! You can have more than one bestie, Dave!) Personally, I love Merritt Winery. How can you resist their award winning Bella Rosa?

3. Breweries- Beers, beers, yummy beers. Buffalo's local breweries is where it's at. Nothin' beats watching sports and sipping a cold brew. You can indulge in some mighty burgers (not taco's) at some of them as well.

4.Gather your pals and venture off for some Laser Tag. That's right, laser tag. Can you imagine going up against teenagers and showing them how it's done? So much fun!

5. Indoor trampoline parks- Sky Zone, Get Air! This is the perfect night for some good music, black lights, and your own private area to jump around like a bunch of monkey's. If you can't break away from the kids, they can come too!

6. (I know I said top 5 but I gotta squeeze this in) Paint nights. Painting with a twist is awesome because you can hone in on your inner Picaso while sipping your own bottle of wine. That's right, BYOW or in this case B-bottle.

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