I had my first mammogram, yesterday. Let me tell you all about it....


I am 35 years old and I had my first mammogram yesterday. Unfortunately, breast cancer runs in my family and early detection is key to prevent complications down the line. I was really nervous about it and I received a lot of feedback from other women who had this done to them.

First things first, I wore a dress. This was a stupid idea! I would recommend wearing pants and or a skirt because you have to be shirtless. They will give you a wrap to wear at the very least but, still it was awkward.

You can't wear deodorant either because it can interfere with an accurate reading. (I promise I still smelled good.)

You and the technologist are the only people in the room.

The technologist placed my breast inside the devices plate. This was interesting because my breasts are bigger and trying to get it in there was a little entertaining.

They flatten your breast like a pancake and it really hurt me. Everyone has a different pain tolerance and I would think that I am tougher than the norm, but it did hurt. This happened for a few seconds but it felt like forever.

They tell you, you can call the technologist over and let them know it hurt and they will adjust, but this can cause an inaccurate reading. I just took it like a champ.


The whole procedure lasts about 20 minutes

I am an advocate for early detection and prevention. Even though this was uncomfortable, I do recommend it getting it done. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Now, I anticipate my results. That can be more nerve wrecking...They didn't need additional pics so, I am hoping I am good.

I will certainly keep you all posted!


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