This Friday will be the last on-air for a very familiar face of Buffalo television.

Channel 4 wake-up anchor Mel Orlins announced that Friday will be her last day at WIVB. She posted a message on her Twitter page letting her viewers know that is she departing the station.

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Before coming to Buffalo, Orlins was a morning anchor and investigative reporter in Harrisburg, PA, and in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Since joining the station, Orlins has helped increase the ratings of the morning show and worked with a number of different anchors including Dave Greber, who now co-anchors the 4 pm news, and Kelsey Anderson who is currently the co-host of the wake-up show.

According to her post, Friday will be her last day on-air and she has not yet announced where she is headed to.

I had the pleasure of working with Mel on several different projects in the morning and she was always fun to hang out with and professional to work with. I look forward to seeing where she lands and wish her the best of luck.

WIVB has not made any announcements on who, if anyone, would replace Orlins on the wake-up show.

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