We love pizza in Buffalo and Western New York. And, we have some of the best local spots for pizza. You can get everything from a chicken finger pizza to a vegan pizza and everything in between. If you are a carnivore and are looking for a good meat pizza to satisfy your inner lion, you might want to try one of these 6 spots. Keep in mind that meat lover's pizzas tend to be the priciest on the menu. The range of these pies is between about $22 and $37 for larges.

1. La Nova - 4.2 Stars

371 W Ferry Street, Buffalo, NY
5151 Main Street, Williamsville, NY

Google Maps
Google Maps

Large Meat Lovers - $36.74
It starts at just over $36 for a large. If you choose to add premium toppings they'll each cost you $3.15, making it one of the most expensive pizzas in Buffalo. But for carnivores, I'm sure it's worth it. The pizza features 4 kinds of cheese and 5 types of meat,

A Mix of 100% pure mozzarella, taco cheese, cheddar cheese, romano cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Cappicola, Sausage and Bacon.


2. JJs Casa Di Pizza - 4.2 Stars

11 E. Mohawk, Buffalo, NY

Google Maps
Google Maps

Large Meat Lovers - $30.99

JJs meat lover's pie is also its most expensive large pizza. It doesn't have as many types of cheese or meat as La Nova, but it's also 6 bucks cheaper. The JJs meat lover's features,

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, meatball, sausage & bacon

3. Bocce Club Pizza - 3.7 Stars

4174 Bailey Avenue, Amherst, NY
1614 Hopkins Road, East Amherst, NY
235 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY
6235 Goodrich Rd, Clarence Center, NY

Google Maps
Google Maps

Bocce has meat eaters pizza is priced midway between La Nova's and JJs'.

Large Meat Eaters - $33.92

Bocce's claims that its 'meat eaters' pizza is "Guaranteed to fill you up!" It has pepperoni, sausage, beef and bacon.

4. Santora's Pizza Pub & Grill - 4.1 Stars

1402 Millersport Hwy Williamsville, NY
7800 Transit Road Williamsville, NY
1 Galleria Drive Cheektowaga, NY

Google Maps
Google Maps

Large Mega Meat Pizza - $32.69

Santora's mega meat pizza is similar to Bocce's meat eaters pizza. It features 4 kinds of meat,

Traditional sauce topped with mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, meatball and bacon.


5. Allentown Pizza 4.0 Stars

94 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY

Google Maps
Google Maps

Large Meatlovers - $25

Allentown Pizza's meatlovers pizza is the most affordable of the bunch. It features mozzarella, pepperoni, bacon, ham, and sausage.

6. Gino & Joe's Pizza- 4.3 Stars

400 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

Photo by Vaishnav Chogale on Unsplash
Photo by Vaishnav Chogale on Unsplash

Large Meat Lovers - $22.95

The least expensive meat lover's pie on the list, Gino & Joe's features bacon, ham, pepperoni, and sausage.

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