If you are sick of the cold and the snow there is good news for you.

A massive warm-up will be coming across New York to kick off the new year and will be well above normal temperatures for much of the state.

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According to the National Weather Service in Buffalo, we will see above-normal temperatures for the area over the next couple of weeks.

In Western New York, highs in the mid-40s will greet people as they chase their New Year's resolutions.

Photo Credit: Accuweather.com
Photo Credit: Accuweather.com

Over in Syracuse, the temperatures will rise into the 5 with scattered rain showers.


Photo Credit: Accuweather
Photo Credit: Accuweather


It might be worth taking a visit down to New York City to start 2023. The temperature will be in the 50s with a possible 60 in there midweek. Nothing like 60 degrees in January.

Photo Credit: Accuweather.com
Photo Credit: Accuweather.com

Of course, this mini heat wave isn't going to last a long time. By the second week of January, the temperatures should return back to normal which means more 30s and 20s and scattered snow showers for parts of the state.

So go out and enjoy a nice warm-up to 2023 and hopefully the nice weather will mean we will have a nice year.

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