As with every year, I go into March Madness with an optimism that this will be the year. Unfortunately it never ends up being the year, but to make it worse, I am usually done just after the first weekend.  It's a lot like being a Buffalo sports fan.


To be fair, in my 20 years of doing this I have come close...1 time.  Once.  In 20 years.  I don't know what that means other than I am terrible at getting lucky picking college basketball games.  At the end of the day that is exactly what it is, luck.  Anyone that wants to argue anything different is wrong.


I say that because I watch my bracket get busted every year by teams that have no business winning.  Teams that barely have a basketball team take down powerhouse programs in what is truly March Madness.  The twisted part is that I LOVE rooting for the underdog so you would think this would make me happy, but because it is almost impossible to project the winners and losers of these games it becomes difficult to choose an underdog to win.


This is my bracket, and although I am not finished, I am definitely on life support.  One of the teams that I had in the finals has already been eliminated.  That doesn't bode well when your Final Four is already down to 3.


I didn't put too much thought into this years bracket because it doesn't seem to matter when I do.  Last year I painstakingly researched and I ended up in a worst position then I am in now.  I decided to just fill it in this year and let the College Basketball Gods decide my fate.  Turns out, they are not a big fan of me.  Just like the Bills have taught me...there is always next year!

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