They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but in 2017 that slogan may change.  A man took revenge on his former company in a very creative way.  Abu Musa used to franchise a he owns a 6-Twelve.


You see, Abu was sick and tired of how corporate would rule over his 7-Eleven franchise in South Boston that, after settling their dispute and parting ways, he decided to open up a competing store across the street called 6-Twelve where he would sell all of the same products at a discounted price.  He knows how much it all costs since he had a franchise.


This is genius!  I mean he still has an uphill climb because 7-Eleven has a strong brand, but who is ever going to side with corporate??  Corporate is usually a bunch of boring stiffs who like to force their unoriginal, weak ideas on you.  I applaud Abu for taking a stand and I hope he succeeds.


Maybe this idea will catch on and other business will rise up.  Like maybe someone will open up a Super-Duper Cuts, or Mightiest Taco.  This would be great for consumers and change the landscape of business in the US.  I'm personally thinking about opening a Jim Horton's.  Unfortunately that means I have to open 10,000 of them to cover all of the competition in Buffalo.


Maybe I will do a kickstarter to raise some funds.  If I save my radio pennies I could make this dream a reality by the year 2075!




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