A man in Florida got pulled over on Monday and it turned into a quite a debacle.



When the man got pulled over, the cop asked the man, "What is that long, cylindrical object in your pants?" The man replied with, "Ha! That's what she said!" Yes, he did the famous quote from "The Office."

The officer didn't find it funny and had asked him to get out of the car. Well, upon further inspection, it was a pipe and some weed. The man was arrested on drug charges.

The man originally got pulled over because he didn't have a light over his license plate. A minimal offense... But, he had to get "smart" with the officer and then had to pay.

The man who got arrested was Brandon McComas from Vero Beach, Florida. Florida has not legalized marijuana, therefore he was arrested.

Be careful when trying to be "smart" with officers. Sometimes, they don't appreciate it and in the interim, you will have a record that could follow you the rest of your life.

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