Officials say that no drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident.

Sunday afternoon a man slipped in in the gorge when hiking with his 3 friends. The friends didn't have good cell phone reception to call 911 so they ran up the hill looking for help as they could see blood from his head and knew it was bad.

The man eventually passed away from his injuries.

At this point the identity of the man is unknown. Certainly, our thoughts and prayers are being sent.

UPDATED: Police say that Conor Long, 20 years old was trying to climb a waterfall to get a picture when he fell. According to WGRZ, the superintendent,

(Mike) Cornell recalled that he got to know Long when Long served as the student representative to the Hamburg School Board. He noted that Long was a standout Track and Field athlete who, after graduating, returned to Hamburg to help coach and mentor members of the Modified track team, hoping to inspire newcomers to the sport.

According to WGRZ:

Due to inclement weather, rescuers were unable to use a Mercy Flight helicopter to assist in the rescue mission. First responders had to actually rappel down to reach the man.

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