The Buffalo Bills are the current favorites to win the Super Bowl this upcoming season and the Bills' young quarterback Josh Allen is a favorite to win the league MVP.


Apparently, those two things don't mean much to the rating makers of the video game Madden. According to a Tweet that shows the ratings of the top 32 quarterbacks in Madden 23, Josh Allen isn't the best quarterback in the game.

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In fact, Allen has the 4th highest rating among quarterbacks according to the leaked Tweet. Allen falls behind Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes who was rated #1 overall, followed by Green Bay's Aaron Rogers, and then one of the most hated quarterbacks in league history, the NFL's G.O.A.T, Tom Brady.

If these ratings are true, Allen is in at number 4 with an overall rating of 95. He is just ahead of Baltimore's LaMar Jackson and LA Charger's Justin Herbert.

If my opinion Josh Allen's rating should be near perfect and he should be either #1 or #2 overall with a rating around 99 or 98.

Allen who have one of the best playoff runs of any quarterback in NFL history last year should be one of, if not, the top player in the game. With his unique throwing power, accuracy, and running ability there is no other player like him in the game or in real life.

The good news is that Super Bowls are not won in a video game but on the field and the Bills have the best quarterback in the league IRL.

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