Everybody got a kick out of Alexa asking it so many questions and it responding to your commands. Google wants in on this and they are upping the anty.


Google is starting to experiment with a new app that makes phone calls for you. They actually created a bot with artificial intelligence that can call places, make an appointment, and carry on natural conversations. This is absolutely insane!

If this experiment goes through, you will never have to deal with a customer service representative ever again! That is less stress to deal with for you! Score!

If that isn't good enough, they can even respond to and write e mails for you too!

I talked last week about how machines are replacing cashiers and now machines are literally replacing people. Who knows what the future will continue to bring? All I know is if there is a machine who can deal with the long holds on the phone instead of myself, and a machine that can deal with the rude customer service representative, more power to them! Less stress for me!


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