The malls around Buffalo have been struggling--we've seen the Boulevard and Eastern Hills reach out for help either with finding a financial partner or potentially selling.

The McKinley Mall is in the same boat now. They've already lost Macy's, Ulta, and Dick's Sporting Goods. Now, the owner--a Philadelphia-based Stoltz USA Property Management Firm, invests their $50 million building in Hamburg and the Town does not want to loose them.

This would be cool! A massive state-of-the-art sports facitiltywith soccer and lacross fields and ice rinks may be on the way to Hamburg!

According to WGRZ:

town officials have suggested that a sports facility to revamp the mall. That type of project has been pushed in the past in other locations. There were separate plans from a Toronto developer and a team lead by former Sabre Pat Kaleta for the McKinley Park Inn. Shaw pictures an "ice rink or rinks, indoor soccer and lacrosse in a state of the art facility within the mall complex."

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