There's probably a pick up point around your house somewhere--there's over 75 bars involved with the Pussy Willow Pass today. It's a few different shuttles on different routes (you can go from route to route) and it allows you to go into each bar for two bucks. We started off the day at 8 AM at Anchor Inn on Clinton and it was hilarious! All equipped with pussy willows and squirt guns.

So in the interest of everyone's well being, Dyngus Day Buffalo once again offers the Dyngus Shuttle System and Pussy Willow Pass program to maximize your Dyngus Day Delight.

Purchase a $10 admission at any Wegman's store in the country or at all participating Dyngus Day Buffalo Official Festival Sites and receive a wristband (*or voucher for wristband) good for $2 admission to any other participating venue all day and night with free unlimited use of the Grand Tours Ridge Road Express Shuttle to over 25 festival halls and taverns.(vouchers purchased at Wegmans may be redeemed for bracelet at Pussywillow Park tent on day of or Broadway Market Dyngus Day stand prior to Easter)

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