I spy with my little eye something fun!  It's the game that you know and love, only this is incredibly local and it's on a bigger scale.

It' s meant to provide an opportunity to get out of your house to do something fun, explore the city of Lockport, and have some fun!  It's called "Lock City - I Spy" and according to WIVB, it will end soon.

Time to get those magnifying glasses out and shine up your sleuthing skills to master "Lock City - I Spy," a game that was developed by the Lockport Youth and Recreation Committee.  They're looking for families and young children in particular to get out to explore the city of Lockport.

There are 21 trees that have been decorated by businesses, schools and departments with various themes.  There's everything from Harry Potter to a COVID 2020 tree.  In those trees are certain items that the kids need to find.

When they find them, they can mark them on their map.  And if they find all the items, they could win a prize!

Want to get involved?  Don't wait.  Get all the info, directions, clues, and your map right here!

Remember, the event is meant to be touchless and safe for everyone.  So no items should be touched or removed from the trees.  Simply find them and write down what the secret item was on your map and turn it into the committee at the Willow Park Office no later than Aug 19th.  That means you've only got a few days left...but that's plenty of time!  Get your maps in right now.


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