Clean drinking water is something almost all of us take for granted.  The Flint, Michigan water crisis continues to have ripple effects, with foreclosures now looming over unpaid water bills.

One Lockport High School foreign language teacher knows the pain all too well.  Anna Barrett lived in Ghana until she was 13, and had to walk miles every day just for drinking water.

So she and 2 other Lockport City School District teachers, Daina Burke and Julie Tette,  gathered a group of 27 -- many of them students -- and headed to the African nation to deliver water filtration systems to the village of Ada!

They showed villagers how to use the systems to make river water safe to use. The systems use a network of buckets and filters.  Even more exciting, the group plans on returning next year to help dig a well for the residents to use.

Congrats to all involved!



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