It always good news when talking about local companies growing. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently told us that Moley Magnetics of Lockport is creating 41 new jobs and keeping 19 jobs at their facility. Moley Magnetics Incorporated is a manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty commercial construction equipment...and they're growing!

We have been hearing so much about companies outsourcing work to other countries and Moley Magnetics has been the subject of this ridicule as they once outsourced production work to Italy. Now through incentives, they're bringing back production work to New York State in nearby Lockport. They may have to expand their current facility or build to accommodate this growth.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said:

“By leveraging investments in manufacturing and technology, we’re expanding economic opportunity and bringing jobs back to the region. This investment will further strengthen Western New York's economy and further cement the region's reputation as a hub for smart economic development.”

Moley Magnetics was once a motor repair shop and has really grown over the years.

governor.ny. says:

Moley offers motor, pump and generator repairs and we also offer specialty services, such as, custom fabrication, machining, VFD programming and panel building. In addition, Moley Magnetics is proud to distribute the finest motors, devices, gearboxes and control components.


Keep up the good work Governor Cuomo and Moley Magnetics.


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