A local college student is working on her career, to pay her way through college and her neighbors, as well as other Western New Yorkers, are benefitting from her talent.

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Emma Baker-Terhaar this summer,  according to the folks at NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV) will likely be working in someone’s backyard, transforming otherwise dull surfaces into masterpieces.

What began as a way to leave her mark on her parents’ house in Snyder before she went off to college, is now a way to pay for school, and further her career at the same time.

“I actually had just done this one for my mom thinking that was it. And then my mom convinced me to put it on Facebook to see if anyone wants it. And it turns out people did,” Emma said.

This will be Emma’s third full summer of creating personalized murals and other outdoor art projects for new friends and neighbors.  Last summer she completed 70 works, and will probably top that this summer.

For Emma, who will be a junior next fall at the Art Institute of Chicago, your fence or garage — or any surface really — is her blank canvas.

“And I love when people have crazy requests. Like a family of flamingos or two dragons fighting, fire and ice,” Emma said. “I love when people repost it and I get to see them loving it in their backyard. And it just makes the fences pop. It makes them look really cool.”

“I knew she was a very talented artist,” said Jennifer Stockman, of Snyder...

“She sat down with me, she asked me a number of questions of what I’m interested in,” Stockman said. “She heard me, and obviously she delivered.”

It’s also comforting to know, she said, the money will be going toward a great cause.

If you’re interested in having Emma's work in your yard you can connect with her via Facebook.


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