Mirela Ajdimovski landed an opportunity of a Lifetime... Literally!



Mirela is an aspiring actress residing in the Buffalo area. She moved to US in 2001 from Bosnia with her parents and younger brother. Mirela got her citizenship in 2007, went to Maryvale high school, then Villa Maria college for interior design. She wanted to be an actress since she was 7 years old when she started watching Spanish soap operas with her Mother. The romance and drama was extremely appealing to her. Now being in America, she feels like she has a chance to follow her dream.

She did just that when she landed a walk on role in a Lifetime movie called, "The Fiance Killer."

Mirela said,

"I saw a posting on one of the Facebook pages, I wanna say it was buffalo film extras. Gerald Webb posted about how they neede extras for the movie. He is their casting director, the directors name is Fred Olen Ray, he films a lot of movies in and around Buffalo."

Social Media has become a known way to land roles in popular films. Way to go Mirela for following your dreams!

mirela 1

Photo courtesy of Mirela Ajdimovski



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