A North Tonawanda chef is in the running for a worldwide favorite chef competition and a big cash prize in Bon Appetit Magazine.

Ken Stoneback, the executive chef at Lumber City Winery and Bistro, stands to win a $50,000 prize and a two-page ad spread in the magazine if he places first in the contest and YOU can vote.

“I heard about it on Facebook, filled out an application, and a few weeks later they emailed me and told me I was accepted,” Stoneback said.

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The voting for the top five ends today (Thursday 3/11/21). Vote here or through Stoneback’s Facebook page. He currently holds first place in his group.

“People in Western New York are really helpful- especially Buffalo Bills fans,” Stoneback said. “I’m in a lot of Buffalo Bills fan groups, and I’ve been getting a lot of support lately.

If Stoneback wins, who has been a chef for 13 years says he would invest his winnings into opening a new restaurant in North Tonawanda.

He’s been chief chef at Lumber City, in NT for two months, crafting a menu that includes bistro-style meals and small plates like shrimp scampi, chicken piccata, and a steak sandwich.

Lumber City Winery and Bistro is located at 889 Erie Avenue in North Tonawanda. They will soon be producing their own wine as part of the Niagara Wine Trail.

Don't forget to vote TODAY and stop by for lunch dinner or show to show your support at Lumber City Winery and Bistro

You can find more information on Lumber City Winery and Bistro here.


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