He's back with a brand new song that we have for you here! Eric Church's new song is called Desperate Man!!

New Eric Church Song -- Desperate Man Lyrics

I've seen the Joshua Tree
Got down on my knees
Threw the Virgin Mother a prayer
I've walked glass barefooted
Strolled 'cross the devil's hot coal
I've tried everything, I swear

Oh but hey, hey what can I say
I'm a desperate man
I said hey, hey, what can I say
I'm just a desperate man

Fortuneteller told me
No more last chances
You got no future at all
Oh but I ain't listenin'
To black-hearted gypsy
Then a crucifix to a bedroom wall

The new song will be off Eric Church's brand new Album called 'Desperate Man' that comes out on October 5, 2018.

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