Carrie Underwood is back with a brand new song called 'Cry Pretty'. Her brand new CD (do we call them that anymore?) album will be out later this year. To satisfy everyone's guilty little pleasure, here are the lyrics for a brand new Carrie Underwood single.

New Carrie Underwood Song--Cry Pretty Lyrics

I'm sorry

But I'm just a girl

Not usually the kind to show my heart to the world I'm pretty good keeping to together

I hold my composure for worse or for better

So I apologies if you dont like what you see

Sometimes my emotions get the best of me

Falling apart is as human as it gets

cant help it cant fight it

You can be pretty light

and say its okay

you can pretty smile and just walk away

Pretty much make your move do anything but you cant cry pretty

Oh no you cant dress it up in lace or on stones

dont matter if youre in a crowd or home all alone

its all the same when youre looking in the mirror

a picture of pain so let it flow like a river


Carrie switched record labels last year, she left Sony to go to Universal Music Group to pursue a more global position in music.

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