A major change is coming to the liquor laws here in New York.

Liquor and wine stores across New York will now be able to open earlier and stay open later on Sundays.

Over the weekend, New York State Governor Kathy Hocuhl signed into law a bill that increased the operating hours of Liquor and wine stores across the state.

Before the bill was signed into law, liquor and wine stores could operate between Noon and 6 pm on Sundays. Under the new law, those same stores can now operate between 10am and 10pm.

Legislation S.2854/A.7305 allows liquor and wine stores to expand their Sunday hours so that they may open at 10am and close at 10pm.

Along with the new bill that allows expanded hours for liquor and wine stores, the Governor also signed several other laws that benefit the alcohol and breweries across the state.

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According to a press release from the Governor, those other laws include:

Legislation S.5731/A.6941 allows for the sale of beer, mead, braggot and cider on any day of the week including Sundays.

Legislation S.6443/A.6134 extends the length of validity of a brewer’s license from one year to three years

Legislation S.3364A/A.2902 allows for businesses to prepare and keep drinks containing alcohol in pressurized dispensing machines

Legislation S.3567A/A.6050A allows retail stores to sell complementary gift and promotional items related to wine and spirit sales

Legislation S.6993A/A.7688 adds parcels of land to the list of premises which are exempt from the provisions of law which generally restrict manufacturers/wholesalers and retailers from sharing an interest in a liquor license.

Before you head to buy your favorite vodka, gin, or brandy early next Sunday, make sure to double-check with your local liquor store to make sure they have expanded their hours. Just because they can, doesn't mean they will.

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